Present your product via an AR presentation!

Making an impression with Augmented Reality? We like to think along with you!

Augmented reality as enrichment
Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that connects reality and the virtual world. In Dutch, ‘Augmented Reality’ literally means: enriched reality. So it is a mix of reality with a virtual addition or enrichment. By adding an extra dimension to the vision of your customers, installing new products or requesting information becomes a virtual and instructive user experience. No more hassle with manuals and also a cost reduction because your customers no longer need to consult a call center. Your product is displayed real-time by using our app that can be used on any smartphone. Potential customers can experience your product through an AR presentation and interact with elements interactively.

Augmented reality is very suitable for education, sales support, company or product presentations and to enrich your ads.

Mixed reality: the combination
Mixed Reality is a combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
By combining these two techniques we create a world in which there is no longer any distinction between the real physical environment and the added digital elements. That’s how we bring AR into the real world.


AR demo via smartphone!

An Augmented Reality presentation is the perfect way to boost your product, organization or service and bring your 2D image to life.
This AR demo connects the digital 3D world with the real world. Through the AR application you can see how a 2D image, in this case a business card, can be brought to life in 3D.

Scan our business card or download the business card .


Download our free
Twinsense360 AR demo app

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Print the marker

Print the marker or use our business card.


Scan de marker

Open the Twinsense360 AR app. Scan the marker or our business card and experience the Augmented Reality 3D experience.
Experience what we can also develop for you.

Augmented Reality & Education

Augmented Reality is extremely suitable for training and education purposes. After all, AR is a completely new innovative way to clarify certain subjects or actions.

This allows you to physically visualize theoretical information in a room or on a specific object. For example, technical explanations that are projected onto certain elements of a machine. Through AR, your target group can follow training sessions on their smartphone, tablet and with any AR or VR glasses.

Augmented Reality in construction

Construction works in AR
Did you know that Augmented Reality is an ideal tool for the construction industry? We turn your 2D building plan / floor plan into a virtual 3D model. You can virtually present your building project in this way. Your building plan comes to life at the conference table thanks to an impressive AR presentation. Your customers see the object virtually on the table, while you give an explanation.

Augmented Reality in construction: bring your construction project to life!

Create a whole new world

The Hololens go further than the Google Glass or a ‘standard’ VR glasses. It combines Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, giving you an independent smart computer glasses.

With the Hololens we can give the feeling that a digital object seamlessly connects with physical reality.

We are happy to help you create a whole new world.

Promote yourself in a completely new way

You can promote a company, service or product in a completely new way by applying the right techniques.

For example, we can make a business card interactive for you. By pointing the camera function of your smartphone at your business card (or advertisement), a 3D object or animation comes to life. You present your product in 3D thanks to augmented reality. Your customer can view the object completely and in 360 degrees.

The technique is suitable for business cards, posters, logos, advertisements, festival tickets, packaging and much more. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of AR for your company!