Tauw AR – Augmented Reality

Tauw AR - Augmented Reality App

Tauw is the consultancy and engineering firm of the living environment. Thanks to technical innovations such as Augmented Reality, Tauw makes the work more accessible, easier to understand and more fun. The Augmented Reality app that we developed for them helps in communication with local residents, the client and within the project team.

This Tauw app makes designs accessible to everyone and brings technical designs to life!

From 2D to 3D
Augmented Reality is pre-eminently the way to share 2D designs virtually in 3D. With our app you scan an image or design of Tauw, which then becomes visible on your screen in 3D. Don't have a marker yet? Download it here !

Step 1: Download the marker !
Step 2: Print the marker.
Step 3: Scan the marker. Point the camera at the marker and view the model.

Tip: this application works best on the latest generation of mobile devices.

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